Bachelor of Business Management

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BBM in CBM is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their professional credentials in the field of management. Some of the specializations in BBM are Finance, Operations Management, and Management Information Systems and so on.


We here at CBM intend to diminish that visible gap and nurture the connection between teaching and employability.


The more closely related skills students are given in a particular course of study, the better off they will be in finding the best-fit job upon graduating. We believe that students should be provided with the skills that meet the real world requirements upon graduating.


Program Structure

Required General Education Courses

Code Course Cr. Hr
MTH211 Business Mathematics I 3
MTH212 Business Mathematics II 3
ENG 211 English I 3
ENG 212 English II 3
ENG213 Business Communication 3
STT211 Business Statistics 3
ECO211 Introductory Microeconomics 3
PSY201 Psychology 3
SOC201 Sociology 3
IT212 Database Management 3
SOC202 Nepalese Society & Politics 3
MGT 201 Principle of Managemen 3
ACC201 Financial Accounting 3
ACC211 Computer Based Financial Accounting 3
FIN211 Basic Finance 3
ACC212 Accounting for Decision Making 3
FIN212 Financial Management 3
MGT202 Human Resource Management 3
MKT201 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
RCH201 Business Research Methods 3
ACC213 Corporate Taxation in Nepal 3
MGT203 Organizational Behaviour 3
MGT205 Operations Management 3
MGT314 Legal Environment of Business 3
MGT206 Business Environment in Nepal 3
MGT207 International Business 3
MGT209 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3
IT211 Ecommerce 3
MGT208 Business Strategy 3
MGT351 Internship 3
BNK 211 Banking Law 3
BNK 212 Wholesale and Retail Banking 3
BNK 213 Futures and Options Markets 3
BNK 214 Commercial Bank Operations 3
BNK 215 Capital and Money Markets 3
BNK 216 Treasury Management 3
BNK 217 Cooperative Management 3
BNK 218 Micro Finance and Rural Banking 3
BNK 219 Investment Banking 3
EED 211 Entrepreneurship Development 3
EED 212 Principles of Small Business Management 3
EED 213 Creativity and Innovation 3
EED 214 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
EED 215 Micro-finance 3
EED 216 Small Business Planning and Creation 3
EED 217 Project Management 3
ELE 222 Information and Technology Management 3
ELE 221 Emerging Global Business Issues 3
ELE 223 Management of Foreign Trade 3
ELE 224 Organizational Development and Change 3
ELE 225 Budgeting and Financial Forecasting 3
ELE 226 Event Management 3
ELE 227 Service Operations Management 3
ELE 228 Labor Relations Management 3
ELE 229 Negotiation Skills 3
ELE 230 Real estate Management 3

At the time of admission

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee (Admission, University Registration, Induction and Education Support Programs) 600000
Admission Fee (One Time Payment) 400000


  • He/ She should have passed +2 or any equivalent level of education from any board/ institution/ University recognized by TU.
  • He/ she should have secured at least a second division or 1.8 CGPA in proficiency level or intermediate level. 
  • Students should strictly fulfill all the application form requirements needed in appearing the entrance exam.
  • FOM shall conduct a Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) that will test the basic ability of the students in verbal ability and quantitative ability. And he/she should perform well in it.

Admission Process

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Pay your Application Fee

Step 3: Appear for an interview

Step 4: Accept the offer letter

Step 5: Pay admission fee

BBA is a pure management course whereas BIM consist of 60% IT and 40% Management.