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An education from CBM enables students to see things in entirely new ways. By establishing a great student-teacher communication, CBM encourages different perspectives and challenges conventional thinking.

With a gorgeous infrastructure, a great student-teacher communication system, extracurricular activities and a highly creative and effective learning program, you’ll for sure want to get admitted here!

We provide you with a platform to excel and become leaders in the fast-changing environment of modern times.

Program Structure

Required General Education Courses

Code Course Cr. Hr

At the time of admission

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission (Only to be paid on Grade 11) 20000
Annual Charges 30000
Monthly Fee per month 5000
Lab Charges per subject(Hotel Management, Computer Science, Business Studies) 6000
Exam Fee (2500 per exam) 10000
Security Deposit 5000


  • To enroll in this course, students are required to pass SEE with a minimum 1.6 GPA.
  • The students should have scored atleast D+ in English, Nepali, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.

Admission Process

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Pay your Application Fee

Step 3: Appear for an interview

Step 4: Accept the offer letter

Step 5: Pay admission fee

BBA is a pure management course whereas BIM consist of 60% IT and 40% Management.