+2 Management

+2 is a two years Higher Secondary Programme of HSEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) of Nepal. It offers an in-depth study of subjects taken to meet the objectives of high school education. Moreover, it prepares students to be professional providing reality based knowledge, skill, confidence, motivation and foundation for career development. More to the point CBM is running +2 programme only in management faculty to achieve its vision. As a result students are encouraged and motivated to be leaders and managers in the field of management through innovative teaching-learning methods, practical knowledge, field visit, classroom presentation and demonstration which is assisted by experienced and qualified teachers.

+2 at CBM results in the standardize quality comparable to ever-changing international standards. The programme has wide range coverage of subjects which add inputs and a watertight demarcation line for the choice of career development familiarizing them with the overall functioning.

Academic Sessions
Academic session of the College commences in Shrawan (July/August) for class XI.

Admission Criteria
Any student securing at least Second Division in the S.E.E. examination shall be eligible to apply for the admission in class XI. The College conducts an Entrance Test and the admission of the students will be on merit basis.

The +2 Programme aims at:
* To communicate demanding and incorporated management education from an early age.
* To help the students track their higher studies with confidence with a clear model of the subjects and develop their own idea to support and augment their future career.
* To built a strong and concrete base for University Graduate Programme.