Bachelor Level (BBS)

BBS is a four years, Bachelor level programme of Tribhuvan University. It prepares students as professional who have reality-based knowledge, skill, confidence and motivations to perform competitively in organizations.

BBS at CBM is a practical and valuable means of gaining a business qualification that provides as exposure to the challenges of doing business in the global context. The programme has a wide coverage of conceptual inputs and has emphasis on practical application that familiarize students with the overall functioning of organizations and their interactions with the total environment within which they operate.

Career Opportunities
The BBS programme at CBM prepares students to join at entry level in any of Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource of social and business organizations within or outside the country. Students, upon completion of BBS programme with specialization in one of the various functional areas of management, will have opportunities to join as a manager in different sectors of business including entrepreneurship and create much needed jobs for others.

Academic Programmes
Academic session of the College commences in Bhadra (August/September) for BBS.

Admission Criteria
The students with the 10+2, A Level Certificate from any recognized Board and/or University are eligible to apply for BBS programme with Mathematics or Economics and English as two full papers. The College conducts an Entrance Test and the admission of the students will be on merit basis.

The BBS Programme aims at:
* Preparing students to take up entry level managerial positions and to start a professional career in business.
* Inculcating a positive attitude, abilities and practical skills so essential for a competent and responsible manager.
* Nurture positive attitude and self confidence, ability to lead and work in teams and take responsibility and understanding the business ethics.
* Nurture and develop in its students’ professional communication skills.
* To built a strong and concrete base for University Degree Programme.