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Co-Curricular Activities for Academic Year 2021/22

The co-curricular activities that are connected to or mirror the academic curriculum.


 Explore more about your strengths, interests, and abilities


Extra-Curricular Activities for Academic Year 2021/22

Explore or nurture your centers of interest with the ECAs

We, here at CBM believe extra-curricular activities are equally important for the overall development of students. 





College of Business Management (CBM) is glad to announce the signing of MOU with Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal(ACAN).

We aim to work together to develop, promote, protect the accounting profession, making its members united, and protecting their interest in the field of accounting.
We will be organizing various seminars, workshops and talk programs to hopefully produce the best CAs in the market.   


Career Alternative Training

The training on Career Alternatives and Business Prospects organized by CBM successfully took place on February 2021.

The students took part in a large number and made it a successful event.

BBM Orientation 2021

The BBM Orientation was held on April 5, 2021 at Bandipur.

The orientation as a whole was very valuable in informing students and giving them an insight into the expectations of the course.

CBM Futsal 2021

CBM Futsal was held successively on Magh 22,2077.

CBM Carnival 2021

A grand CBM Carnival was held in 2021 which created stories and memories.