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College of Business Management (CBM) is glad to announce the signing of MOU with Association of Chartered Accountants of Nepal(ACAN).

We aim to work together to develop, promote, protect the accounting profession, making its members united, and protecting their interest in the field of accounting.
We will be organizing various seminars, workshops and talk programs to hopefully produce the best CAs in the market.   

With this MOU being signed, CBM will be providing concessional facilities to the relatives and family members of ACAN members, who want to join CBM. 

We hope that the relationship between us grows even further and we hope that we succeed in our mission of transforming and bringing a positive change in the education sector of Nepal.


  1. 'Sanitary Care for Women' Rally
  2. Tapaiko Mask Khoi Abhiyan
  3. MOU with ACAN
  4. Career Alternative Training
  5. BBM Orientation 2021
  6. CBM Futsal 2021

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