Masters of Business Studies

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Master of Business Studies (MBS) is one of the most sought degrees in Nepal and every year large number of students get enrolled in this program. Fast-track your career in business, enhance your skills in entrepreneurship and learn strategies for successful business growth with MBS at CBM.


We,here at CBM aim to make students up to date with the modern practices and changes in the field of business studies and develop skills in students for being able to take higher level managerial position in private and public sectors.

MBS at CBM will help you with the Corporate Exposure for your career. Corporate exposure in conjunction with the curriculum improves the overall education of students. 


The time that you spend in CBM is the direct preparation for the workplace. Not only will you be demonstrating your ambition, but you’ll also be showcasing a self-starting, self-motivated nature.



Program Structure

Required General Education Courses

Code Course Cr. Hr

At the time of admission

Fees Amount Payable on Admission
Admission Fee (Admission, University Registration, Induction and Education Support Programs) 180000
Admission Fee (One Time Payment) 150000
  • The student applying for admission to the MBS course must have successfully completed the BBS programme or a bachelor's degree in any discipline from Tribhuvan University or from any other university recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • The Faculty of Management (FOM) shall conduct a Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) for the MBS level. Students eligible for MBS programme must sit in the CMAT in order to qualify to apply for admission.

Admission Process

Step 1: Apply Online

Step 2: Pay your Application Fee

Step 3: Appear for an interview

Step 4: Accept the offer letter

Step 5: Pay admission fee

BBA is a pure management course whereas BIM consist of 60% IT and 40% Management.