Vision, Mission
& Core Values


To make Nepal an ambassador for new Management and Technology Education & Philosophies and Holy Destination for Monks of Knowledge.


Establish Management and Technology Education Parks and Houses in Nepal which can deliver the Practical, Conceptual and Behavioral Education at a fair price.

Core Values

  1. To establish Educational Institutes, College, Campus and Schools thereby to provide fair, practical, conceptual and behavioral knowledge and learning at a fair price all over the country and expand it outside the country too.
  2. To enter into Ventures with NGOs/INGOs, Corporate Houses, Government Institutions and Regulatory Bodies to dare to fight for the fair fee of the education.
  3. To enter into any operations of facilitation for providing education like transportation of materials and person;  publication, distribution and sale of materials; branding and advertising themes; sale of food and snacks, etc.
  4. To obtain facilitation and persuade the Government of Nepal to establish the Institute of Technology and Institute of Management like IIT and IIM respectively in India.
  5. To establish the principles and dynamic patterns of effective study and learning in Management and Technology with practical exposures and research study.